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Garden Party Items

Want to throw a fun, unique garden party? Travel to another era and celebrate like they did in the 1920s! Abbott has all the must-haves to host your own retro backyard party. For an authentic touch, make your own prohibition-style gin cocktails served in tea sets. Mix and match Victorian elegance with homey nonchalance for just the right amount of taboo and inventiveness. Parasols, cigarette holders and fascinators are the perfect accessories for your flapper outfit.


Every year the Jazz Age Lawn Party is a not-to-be-missed event in New York. The gathering boasts live jazz, Charleston lessons and an impressive menu. Make a splash of your own with finger sandwiches, lemonade and melon balls! Toronto also hosts a Gatsby Garden Party, at the historic Spadina Museum, June 25th and 26th. Festivities include croquet and a costume contest.


Top 10 must-haves: 1. Prohibition style serveware: 27-AMBROSIA; 27-MASON | 2. Hobnail glassware: 27-GRIP |  | 3. Crosscut glass table décor: 34-BOUDOIR/9150| 4. Railway spike openers: 27-IRON AGE/240 | 5. Knit cotton textiles: 58-ARAN | 6. Candles in accent colours: 10-FA | 7. Lanterns & candlesticks: 27-BASTILLE/4012

Garden Party Items – Abbott Collection

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